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Why Pick a Sterling Silver Jewellery? Let's Break Down the Good Stuff!

Sterling silver creates a fine balance of luxury and sophistication and is the epitome of elegance. In the modern world, where individuals look for delicate and beautiful pieces of jewellery while also considering the factors of cost, sterling silver is almost always the perfect option to go for! A perfect alternative to fine silver and more economical than gold jewellery, the abundance of silver jewellery is what people lay their eyes on.

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Sterling Silver: What Is It Exactly?

Sterling silver is often regarded as a pleasant and eye-appealing alternative to fine silver. Created with the complementary properties of fine silver and copper, sterling silver is also known as '925 Silver', obtaining this name from the 92.5% of fine silver that is present in it. The 7.5% copper adds to the durability of sterling silver, making it the most rational jewellery option to go with. Sterling silver is featured in many silver jewellery collections and makes for a unique addition to your accessory wardrobe. Laden with history and rooting from ancient civilizations, sterling silver is also popular for its symbolical and cultural significance. From ancient eras to the modern world, where the advent of digitalization and online marketplaces is ever-visible at the tip of our fingertips, seeking out silver jewellery online has become effective, convenient, and consumer-friendly.

Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver

1. Durable Nature 

Sterling silver is widely popular for its long-lasting nature, owing to the combined strength of fine silver and copper. Its versatile nature and strength combine to create a gorgeous and rich piece of jewellery. With sufficient care, silver sterling jewellery proves to be one of the most durable jewellery options. Our sterling silver pieces are rhodium-plated, extending the life-span of these elegant accessories. 

Oyster Natural Pearl Pendant Silver Necklace

2. Budget-Friendly 

Sterling silver is not only durable but also makes for a perfect and rational investment in a possible family heirloom! Whether you wish for your daughter to adorn your favourite sterling silver necklace years down the line or wish for your sterling silver ring to be passed down to your grandkids, the beauty of sterling jewellery is further illuminated by its cost-effective nature when compared to gold, platinum, or other luxurious metals. When it comes to silver jewellery online shopping, the options are endless! From stunning necklaces such as our Oyster Natural Pearl Pendant Silver Necklace to elegant rings like the Magnifique Square MOISSANITE Adjustable Silver Ring, sterling silver pieces are not only affordable but also durable and stylish. 

3. Timelessness

Minimal Silver Necklace With Star Blue Zircon

Sterling silver has the natural characteristic of being timeless and ever-elegant. This delicate piece of jewellery can transform an average outfit into a classy look within seconds, allowing you to express yourself through your very own unique and personal style. Our silver jewellery collections feature articles of sterling silver showcasing trendy, classic, and minimalistic designs to provide our customers with a variety of options at their disposal.

4. Toxic-free

Unlike certain metal-inspired jewellery pieces that cause skin allergies or other skin reactions, sterling silver is known for its hypoallergenic qualities, making it safe for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Rest be assured, our sterling silver is completely hypoallergenic and will not cause you rashes, allergies, or other toxic-skin reactions, enabling a secure yet elegant look.

Rose Gold White Zircon Mini Hoop Earrings

Choosing the Right Sterling Silver Jewellery While Shopping Online

  • One of the crucial things to keep in mind while shopping for silver jewellery online is to keep an eye out for the ‘925 Hallmark’ stamp, as this ensures the authenticity of the jewellery. All our products are 925 Hallmarked and are true sterling silver pieces in every sense of the word!
  • While shopping for silver jewellery online in India, look out for real sterling silver, which is tarnish-free and without any elements of nickel. Mystic Flavia’s silver jewellery collection is completely nickel- and tarnish-free, ensuring a safe accessory for you to adorn!
  • Double-check the supplier’s return policies to verify online supplier authenticity. Our products come with an easy-return policy valid for up to 15 days. 

Pairing Sterling Silver Jewellery

  • Sterling silver’s versatile nature allows easy pairing with a myriad of outfits, no matter the occasion. If you’re looking for a daily-wear accessory to elevate your outfit, our Minimal Silver Necklace With Star Blue Zircon is the perfect piece that blends elegance with minimalism. Special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestones can be accessorized with pieces like our Pink Rose Swarovski Crystal Pendant Silver Necklace or the Colorful Zircon Moon Star Pendant Silver Necklace, among various others!
  • Layering jewellery is one of the most common ways to bring together an outfit in the simplest manner. Consider pairing our Rose Gold Zircon Dolphin Pendant Silver Necklace with the Rose Gold White Zircon Mini Hoop Earrings, or explore our varied-colour matching sets like the Emerald Dew Drop Zircon Silver Necklace Set or our popular Ocean Blue Rhinestone Crystal Silver Necklace Set.
  • Keep it simple and classy with our collection of rings featuring pieces such as the White Zircon Solitaire Interlock Adjustable Silver Ring, the New York Solitaire Zircon Preset Silver Ring, the minimalistic Chic Rose Gold Oval Zircon Studded Bracelet, or the Minimalist Round Petite Bead Adjustable Silver Anklet. 
Minimalist Round Petite Bead Adjustable Silver Anklet

Imbued with elegance, cultural significance, and age-old symbolic meanings, sterling silver is a treasure amidst the ever-evolving landscape of silver jewellery collections. Its easy-to-maintain nature and the abundance of variety it offers, add to its charm and lustre. 

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