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Pearl Jewelry: Classic Elegance for Every Occasion

Alluring, eye-catching, and gorgeously magnificent, pearl jewellery is synonymous with luxury and refined elegance. These graceful gems have their birthing origins dating back to the era of ancient Egyptians and have been adorned by countless individuals holding royalty positions during the Renaissance era. With significant improvements in pearl cultivation, the 19th and 20th centuries saw a rise in the accessibility of pearl jewellery for the general public. Pearl jewellery pieces and designs have been making a comeback in the modern era and are being incorporated into fashion shows hosted by many luxurious brands. 

As with other gems and stones used for jewellery-making purposes, pearls are steeped in cultural significance and are elements of symbolism in many communities and societies. Pearls have been associated with purity and innocence in certain communities, with prosperity in others, and with spirituality in some cultures. Pearls have also often been associated with love, devotion, and romance. 

The Mystic surrounding Pearl Jewellery 

Pearls are the epitome of allure, grace, and effortlessly chic gemstones. These luxurious gemstones have a striking quality that catches the eye of any passer-by. Pearls have been around in the fashion and jewellery industries for centuries. From celebrities in the 90s to modern-day fashion stars, all of them swear by the charm of these iridescent gems. Pearls are characterised by their blemish-free and soft surface, luster, and undeniable shine. It is commonly seen that the smoother, shinier, and larger the pearls, the higher their value in the market. 

Apart from their properties, pearl jewellery makes for a highly versatile jewellery option, thus making them that much more desirable among jewellery enthusiasts. Pearls possess a distinct allure that distinguishes them from other precious stones. Their gentle, shimmering glow brings a hint of refinement and grace to every outfit. These precious gems remain to be a timeless piece of adornment and continue to embody a sense of everlasting sophistication.

Artificial Pearl Jewllery VS. Real Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is available in the marketplace in two common forms: 

  • Artificial Pearl Jewellery: These types of pearl jewellery, which are also known as faux pearls or artificial pearls are man-made pearls, curated through processes that incorporate glass, plastic or shell materials. These pearls, owing to their man-made nature, are more commonly found and are more affordable than real pearls.
  • Real Pearl Jewellery: Real pearl jewellery holds a much more esteemed positioon in the industry as compared to artificial pearls, as they are made from real pearls that are formed within oysters or mollusks. Real pearls are highly valued for their exquisite beauty and scarcity. These precious gems can be further categorized into two types: natural pearls, which are created by nature without any human interference, and cultured pearls, which are carefully cultivated by introducing a nucleus into the oyster to encourage the formation of pearls.

Styling Pearl Jewellery 

Pearl jewellery is easy to style, thanks to the versatile nature of these gorgeous gemstones. Pearl jewellery can elevate any outfit within seconds, bringing sophistication and elegance with almost no extra effort required. Here are some pearl jewellery styling tips to help you the next time you want to tie in the charm of pearls into your ensemble: 

  • If you’re looking for simple office wear, daily wear, or any other casual look, a simple pearl chain or necklace can be adorned. Consider pairing our Single White Pearl Pendant Silver Necklace with your next jeans and top or dress ensemble! 
  • For a semi-casual or a semi-formal business event or a party, you can opt for an elegant pearl chain with a little extra design, such as our Oyster Natural Pearl Pendant Silver Necklace. 
  • Elegant parties or formal events call for heightened levels of sophistication in one’s wardrobe. Pearl jewellery is the best way to elevate your outfit in such situations. You may consider going for a Flowery Pearl Pendant White Zircon Silver Necklace paired with a crisp formal suit or a collared shirt. In cases where you wish to wear a close-necked elegant gown, consider accessorising with a pair of dangling pearl earrings to tie in the look with our Bali Natural Pearl Dangling Silver Earrings. 
  • Pearl stud earrings such as our Starry White Zircon Large Natural Pearl Earrings can be worn as a daily accessory and a signature accessory to your look. 
  • Going minimalistic with your outfits and allowing the pearl jewellery to take center stage may also be a smart choice in cases where you may not have the time to cook up an outfit together. 

Pearl Jewellery: Care Tips

Caring for your pearl jewellery is of utmost importance to ensure that you can bathe in its charm and beauty for years to come. Certain tips to keep in mind while caring for your pearl jewellery are: 

  • Limit exposure of the pearls to chemicals, cosmetics or perfumes. 
  • Steer clear of wearing them in swimming pools or hot tubs to avoid any potential damage.
  • Invest in cleaners designed specifically for pearl jewellery as these are designed keeping in mind the delicate nature of the gems. 
  • Ensure use of clean and soft cloths while cleaning the pearls. 
  • Store them away from harsh sunlight, in small boxes or soft pouches, in cool and dry places. 

Whether you opt for artificial or genuine pearl jewelry, infusing pearls into your fashion ensemble is a decision that radiates refinement and flair. Their enduring charm renders them a versatile accessory choice suitable for any event, tying your appearance with a hint of timeless grace. Enhance your fashion sense and embrace the exquisite allure of pearls, a gem that truly withstands the trials of time.

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