Red & Blue Tiger Eye Couple Bracelet (8 MM)
Red & Blue Tiger Eye Couple Bracelet (8 MM)
Red & Blue Tiger Eye Couple Bracelet (8 MM)
Red & Blue Tiger Eye Couple Bracelet (8 MM)

Red & Blue Tiger Eye Couple Bracelet (8 MM)

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Red & Blue Tiger Eye Couple Bracelet (8 MM)

 SIZE and measurement.


These are a combination of stimulating Red and Blue Tiger Eye stones. This beauty unleashes boundless energy of your and your partner.. These are one of the most classic and the most popular complementing bracelets. The outlook is very unisex and simple, making them fit most styles of both women and men.  The design of these bracelets are like Ying and Yang, complementing each other perfectly. This bracelet is paired with Silver beads making it even more majestic and taking you to new heights.


Red-Tiger-Eye is also known as Dragon’s Eye. This stone aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic. it is also considered to be a very stimulating stone that will give you inspiration and motivation in all aspects of your life.

It’s a highly calming stone that will keep you relaxed and centered even if you lead a very busy or chaotic life. When you work with the energies of this stone, you will have peace and harmony wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and whatever you’re doing.


Blue Tigers Eye is considered to be a very soothing stone. It is supposed to aid in reducing stress and anxiety while increasing a calm, peaceful feeling.  A gleaming Tigers Eye in shades of blues and grays could help illuminate issues that may have been difficult for us to see.   It connects us to our Third Eye, increasing our intuition and empowering our understanding of the internal conflicts that consistently distract us from achieving our desires. 

Blue Tigers Eye also instills a go with the flow attitude, reminding us that balance and harmony is essential.  Clarity is bestowed upon the wearer when they work with it and the aspects of our own yin/yang imbalances are able to be aligned in harmony.


  • 1 Red Tiger Eye stone of size 8 mm
  • 1 Blue Tiger Eye stone of size 8mm
  • 1 Flat Sterling Silver bead in each bracelet
  • MF charm
  • Shades may slightly vary from the picture due to natural stone usage

P.S.: Please evaluate the product for your own suitability. We do not guarantee the benefits associated with the stones.


This product can be customized with Non stretch Silver insert clasp at additional cost.